Against vague calls for AI regulation

Elon Musk made headlines today by stating that “all org[anizations] developing advanced AI should be regulated, including Tesla.” While Musk's invitation to regulate his own company is refreshing, I am tired of calls to regulate AI that are unaccompanied by any specific proposals. Such statements amount, in the language of social scientists, to “cheap talk.” How, exactly should we regulate Tesla and its peers? If Tesla's CEO says that Tesla needs to be more regulated, one must ask: which specific nefarious activities is Tesla engaged in, and why will it continue those activities unless the government forces it to stop?

Analyzing the Clearview AI face recognition lawsuits

Clearview AI, an app creator that was the subject of a chilling New York Times exposé last month, was just hit with its third class action lawsuit. Clearview scraped images from social media websites to generate a face-recognition database, then licensed the app to law-enforcement and other entities. Here are the three complaints: Mutnick v. Clearview AI, Inc., Case No. 1:20-cv-00512 (E.D. Ill., filed Jan. 22, 2020) Hall v. Clearview AI, Inc.